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Ìrò Science Foundation presents:


The Season of Science & African Children



Event Timeline for The Season

February 2023

Opening Event

Interested in hosting an event during The Season? Contact us below!

March 2023

Student Workshop

  May 2023

Agricultural Science Workshop

 November 2023

Ìrò Science Competition 

April 2023

Teachers/Parents Workshop

July 2023

African Ways of Knowing Workshop


Special workshops by Asuo Agyenim Bosomfie on Traditional Akan Approaches to Medicine and Healing

The future of Africa lies in the mind of its people

ìrò science foundation is a not-for-profit foundation that seeks to utilize indigenous African (black) ways of knowing and knowledge systems to chart the future of Africa and its people worldwide.

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​Ìrò Science Foundation is proud to present:

​Ìrò African Science Competition 2023

The 1st International African science competition welcomes students from across the African world to join in uplifting our scientific genius by competing in a project-based competition! Students will be provided with the opportunity to meet other students as well as compete for various prizes!

Date: November 2023

Location: Virtual (TBA)

Mission & Vision

The Season of Science & African Children (The Season) is a period dedicated to exploring, expanding, and cultivating the young African scientific mind. During The Season, we are inviting world-renowned guest speakers, educators, and students on the African continent and throughout the diaspora to participate in workshops, presentations, and activities including an international science fair. 

During The Season of Science & African Children, our focus is tri-fold:

The exploration of indigenous African knowledge:

We must increase our knowledge and understanding of indigenous scientific methodologies, applications, and technologies to find holistic and sustainable solutions to African people’s and the world’s most pressing problems. Our future lies in resurrecting traditional knowledge and re-establishing indigenous technologies. 

The utilization of our knowledge and skills to solve problems facing Africa and its diaspora:

It is critical that Black people in the Diaspora and throughout Africa prioritize contributing to restoring balance and sustainability on earth while utilizing our knowledge and skills to solve problems and develop applications that are focused on African people and serve our unique needs. 

The development of a generation of skilled young Black scientists:

To train and educate a future generation of young black scientists committed to utilizing both traditional and Western scientific methods in service of African sustainable development and holistic approaches exploration.

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African Mathematics

Mathematics is quintessential to African (black) people's history and future. During The Season, we seek to explore and study indigenous conceptions and systems of mathematics.

Knowledge is like a garden. If it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.


African Proverb

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The Season of Science & African (Black) children explores indigenous knowledge and knowledge systems of African (black) people worldwide. 

Tete wɔ bi kyerɛ


Ancient times have something to teach.

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African Science

The Season of Science & African (Black) children seeks to explore indigenous knowledge and knowledge systems of African (black) people worldwide. 

Tete wɔ bi kyerɛ


Ancient times have something to teach

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During The Season of Science & African Children, we seek to explore ways of instilling characteristics of courage, humility, patience, discipline, and more in African children 

Children who follow the path of their parents learn to walk like them.


African Proverb

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