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Explore the genius of the Black mind

Where we began

Our team began developing the fundamental principles of an African approach to science and mathematics, which is grounded in traditional thought and understanding of the environment while simultaneously utilizing and expanding modern approaches to discovery and problem solving.

Our story

We are a unique group of Mathematicians, Scientists, and Critical thinkers who are expanding an approach to science and mathematics that is founded in traditional African thought and indigenous knowledge systems. We are committed to using our knowledge and skills to find creative and sustainable solutions to the development of African/black people across the planet. 


Much of ancient Africa's knowledge, history, and scientific & cultural technology has been lost, buried, stolen, and misappropriated. These lost resources represent invaluable assets that have the potential to be critical tools in reversing centuries of underdevelopment and exploitation.


Our commitment is to reclaim and resurrect indigenous knowledge systems and re-establish sustainable development for African (Black) people across the planet.

Uncovering old knowledge
​What we do

Africa has historically been the foundation of scientific discovery and inquiry. We research, discover, and reconstitute traditional African Knowledge Systems in an effort to solve the challenges of African People worldwide.

- Our work -


Our work at ìrò is based on key areas of discovery and understanding that intersect both endogenous African Knowledge and modern systems and lie at the nexus of a fundamental transformation of scientific inquiry and problem-solving. Each of these areas are subsumed under an Efie (house) that is dedicated to the expansion of that knowledge area. 

Akuayɔ Efie
The House of Agriculture


Nimdeɛ Efie


The House of Alternate Intelligence


Ahoɔden Efie


The House of Energy


Ɛberɛ Efie


The House of Time


Nkontabuo Efie


The House of Mathematics


Nyansa Bɔbea Efie


The House of Knowledge Systems

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